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I created this forum to re-examine the space you’re in beyond the confines of your clinical practice. We all have our own, individual paths, with very different obstacles. But that’s not to say that we are alone in it.

With small steps and the right community, we can all step into our most optimal lives.

This is a resource for your personal growth and expansion. It is a space where you can take off your provider hat and take care of yourself.

Integrity is choosing courage over comfort; choosing what is right over what is fun, fast, or east; and choosing to practice our values rather than simply professing them."

Find Your Happy With These Experts

Are Side Gigs The Unsung Hero Of Dentistry?!

Dr. Brenner shares why creative outlets can save your dental career.

“A side gig is the best cure for burnout because it allows you to do less dentistry, [have] less dependence on dentistry, and more freedom, she continues. “For so many reasons, dentistry isn’t as heavy because you’ve got a perspective that there’s more out there in the world.”

Talking Burnout With Dr. Stanley

“I was a great clinical dentist. I think I’m still a pretty good clinical dentist,
that wasn’t my problem. My problem was setting boundaries, good communication, and setting expectations with everybody in my life.”

HDD Blog

A Letter To Your Inner Child

Contrary to popular belief, inner child work is actually scientific. According to the American Journal Of Psychotherapy, “Some therapists have advocated the notion of an

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Work Hard, Play Harder

We all want to live happy, joyful lives, right? That’s the drive behind most of our behavior. As kids, we learn how to socialize, problem

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