When I received my Doctorate of Medicine in Dentistry, I learned the ins and outs of dental medicine and the hands-on skills needed to treat patients. I loved it, and threw my entire life into this work. As admirable as that sounds, this mindset continued beyond graduation, and for years I struggled to live a healthy, balanced life.

I entered the workforce as an associate in a corporate office. I then shifted to a growing family practice, and then a small private practice. Over the years I saw how different offices ran, and how different providers practiced, constantly seeking new ways to improve my care. 

The best care came from providers who were happy, present, and working in their integrity.

This newsletter re-examines the space you’re in beyond the confines of your clinical practice because let’s face it – the lack of resources is burning us out, and leaving us ready to leave the field entirely.

But it doesn’t have to be that way. So, take your provider hat off, and stay awhile.


**This newsletter is simply a resource tool, created and inspired by my own experiences in the dentistry field. I do not provide medical advice. For any concerns regarding your physical or emotional well-being, please consult your doctor or a licensed medical professional.

Elizabeth Betances, DMD

My passions for dentistry and writing have rivaled each other throughout my life. For a long time, I wrote for my own pleasure, while I built a clinical practice that enhanced the patient experience. I received my Bachelor of Arts in Psychology and then worked in both an inpatient and outpatient psychiatric rehabilitation program. I learned extensively about human behavior, trauma, and triggers, and heard stories that spoke to the power of the human spirit. I did this while waiting for a dental school acceptance, not knowing that I’d be using these skills every day in my chair.

Now, as a happy practicing dentist, I’ve merged my love for creative writing, clinical knowledge, and personal experience to bring to light some topics that are often left unspoken. You have worked long and hard to become the people and the providers that you are today. You are a valuable resource to your community and provide creative solutions that bring comfort and ease to the people around you. But while you’re taking care of everyone else, who takes care of you? 

I’ve created this newsletter to re-examine the space you’re in beyond the confines of your clinical practice. As I’ve traveled on my own personal journey to create the happy, fulfilling life I dreamt of, I’ve learned that it comes with many internal and external challenges. We all have our own, individual paths, with very different obstacles. But that’s not to say that we are alone in it.  With this newsletter, I will touch upon various topics surrounding dentistry, mental health, and personal development in hopes that some piece of it resonates with you on your own journey. With small steps and the right community, we can all step into our most optimal lives. The goal of this newsletter is to provide tools and connections for your personal growth and expansion. It is a space where you can take off your provider hat and take care of yourself.