The Recovering Perfectionist

Hi, my name is Elizabeth, and I’m a recovering perfectionist. I used to think that perfectionism was an admirable quality because it led to things being done well. The issue is that even when they were done well; I found little satisfaction in it. Because it wasn’t perfect. Because nothing is perfect. In reality, the […]

6 Stages of Change

Today I finished a continuing education course (CE) called Behavioral Issues in Dentistry. I looked for more clinically based courses, but I’m mostly interested in people. In our behavior, beliefs, evolution. In our ascension as human beings. Dentistry is just the career I chose to explore that, and honestly, it was a good choice because […]

Embracing Where You Are

I was recently talking to a friend from dental school who brought up her (anxiety) of feeling like she’s “not where she’s supposed to be” in her career. She felt behind compared to her colleagues, who were doing more complex procedures and appeared to be living more lavish lifestyles. She questioned her financial standing, her […]