A Letter To Your Inner Child

Contrary to popular belief, inner child work is actually scientific. According to the American Journal Of Psychotherapy, “Some therapists have advocated the notion of an inner child as a primary subconscious force. Quite simply, inner child refers to the child the patient once was and with whom the patient might, to some extent, have lost […]

Learning Mindful Meditation

Anyone who sees meditation as “woo woo” may only be thinking of it as sitting on a fluffed cushion, with your back pin straight, and both hands curled up into mudras.  While they’re not wrong, there’s so many ways to practice mindful meditation. You can follow a guided meditation on an app, walk outside to […]

Work Hard, Play Harder

We all want to live happy, joyful lives, right? That’s the drive behind most of our behavior. As kids, we learn how to socialize, problem solve, and discover our interests through play. We stumble around trying different toys, different forms of art, and playing with others and by ourselves. We harness our imagination and get […]

The Power of Self-Talk

At any given moment, you are your biggest critic or your loudest hype man.  Most of us wake up and have a thousand things on our minds. We’ve got tasks pending at work, at home, bills to pay, a body to take care of, and never-ending to-do lists. We are constantly being flooded with thoughts, […]

The Underestimated Power Of Breathwork

Anybody who carves space out of their day to meditate understands the calming effects it has on the mind and body. But how do these tools come into play in the middle of an emotionally charged situation? Are we actually able to regulate ourselves when we’re overwhelmed by the demands of a busy office? This […]

Stop “Giving It Time”

I’ve had a few discussions with colleagues that doubt their decision to go into dentistry, but say, “I’m going to give it 8 or 10 years.” In 10 years you’ll probably be more certain in your diagnosis, quicker in your procedures, and making more money. But this comes with the desire to learn, and then […]

What Can’t I Do?

At one point in my career, I was going to quit dentistry. I’d mistaken my burnout as a dislike for the profession. Once I built up the courage to let go of my financial security, my social status, and the fear of failure, I put a notice to my office manager. What surprised me the […]

Chairside Trauma

Dentistry is so hard on us because we are constantly engaging with our patient’s trauma triggers and deep-rooted fears. If you’re an empath like me, it can be challenging to not take it personally or to not feel their pain.  My first patient after lunch one day was a petite 22-year-old female. She came in […]

Let’s Talk Contracts

I’ve spent this week sifting through a truly baffling 19-page contract from a prospective employer. Don’t get me wrong, it was your standard legal agreement, and I’ve read several others before this that looked similar. I just hadn’t considered the weight of what it entails until now. The first 17 pages thoroughly outlined the duties […]

Burn Out Profiles

“Burn out” is the new buzz word in the professional development field. Although the relationship between stress and work has been a hot topic in dentistry, it seems that we are experiencing its effects at more accelerating rate. Or, maybe I’ve just realized that the stress is on our lives, physically, and emotionally, is a […]